The Augustus Society & Italian American Club of Southern Nevada Foundation Italian American Professionals & Executives Association

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The Augustus Society is a d/b/a name for the Italian American Professionals and Executives Association (“IAPEA”). The Italian American Club of Southern Nevada Foundation is also a d/b/a name for the IAEPA. In 2017, the IAPEA became more closely affiliated with the Italian American Club of Southern Nevada (the “IACSN”), by allowing the IACSN to appoint board members to the IAPEA. The close affiliation was the product of the IACSN’s desire to expand its charitable activities in our community and the IAPEA’s need for an infusion of new board members and managers. The mission of the IAPEA remains unchanged, but now, with the help of the IACSN, the IAPEA has a new source of talent and revenue to focus more on its charitable mission. Likewise, the IACSN now has a close association with a 501(c)(3) charitable organization to promote charitable activities in our community.
Our mission is to preserve and promote a positive image of Italian-American’s in Clark County through charitable activities including, providing scholarships to Italian-American students with ability and financial need, assisting Italian-American families with personal hardships, and contributing to other charitable activities in Clark County.
  • Since 1983, the Augustus Society has awarded over 500 scholarships and awards, totaling more than $750,000 in scholarships to Italian American students from Clark County, Nevada. For more information about obtaining a scholarship please see the scholarship information page.
  • Organized Italian-American participation and theme float in 2005 & 2006 Helldorado Parade.
  • Established the Augustus Society at UNLV in 2005 for participating Italian-American students.
  • Funded the 1st undergraduate Italian Language Course at UNLV beginning Spring of 2001.
  • Supported Resolution for Wartime Violations Against Italian-Americans.
  • Financial assistance donated to local charities.
  • UNA STORIA SEGRETA" (The untold story) exhibited April 2001 at Las Vegas Art Museum.
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