The Augustus Society Italian American Professionals & Executives Association

The Augustus Society is organized like many other charitable operations, we have a Board of Directors that sets the policies of the organization, Officers that carry out those policies and Committees that make it all happen.
Board of Directors are all volunteers that donate a substantial amount of time guiding the organization, maintaining its health, and keeping the mission of the organization central to everything we do. Our current Board Members are:

    The Officers of the organization are all volunteers that work toward managing the organization within the guidelines of the Board of Directors. Given the size of the organization, some Board Members also volunteer as Officers. Our current Officers are:

      While the Officers are tasked with general management, it is the committees and their members that get everything done. Committees are run by and staffed by volunteers of the organization. Our current committees and committee chairs are as follows:
      Membership – Chairperson: Attorney Dawn Lozano - Responsible for maintaining and growing the membership.
      Scholarship – Chairperson: Jim Santor – Responsible for developing scholarship application forms, reviewing and scoring applications and planning the scholarship banquet
      Columbus Day – Chairperson: Michael Tramontana – Responsible for planning and executing our annual Columbus Day event, our biggest social event of the calendar year.
      Web Site – Chairperson: Greg Gemignani – Responsible for building and maintain the organization’s web site.
      Social Planning – Chairperson: Michael Tramontana – Responsible for booking and conducting meetings and events.
      News Letter – Chairperson: Jim Santor – Responsible for producing a quarterly newsletter for members and friends.