The Augustus Society Italian American Professionals & Executives Association

The model on which the Augustus Society operates is simple. Dues and, to a lesser extent, donations provide the income for the organization. From that operational costs are deducted, for example advertising costs, communications costs, mailings, office supplies etc.. In addition to paying dues, members volunteer their time to make the organization function. No Board Member, Officer, Committee Chair, Committee Member or other member gets paid for their efforts by the organization.
Because we have no employees and no pay for members that run the organization, it leaves us with a substantial portion of the dues available for charitable activities. With current low membership levels, our charitable giving is projected to be in excess of 69% of income. As we get more members, the charitable giving percentage rises quickly because most of the costs of the organization are fixed costs. In other words, our costs rise very little as new members are added.
The following graphic illustrates the model:
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Because each new member greatly increases the charitable giving the organization can accomplish, each new member is vital to the ongoing success of the organization. If you are an Italian-American professional or executive in Nevada, you should be a member of the Augustus Society.